Tiny Maxwell

$4,200 per set

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Made to order. Normally ships within 6 weeks

Made to order. Normally ships within 6 weeks

Beautiful two-way bass reflex speaker with physics defying bass.
(Of course it can’t defy physics, it just seems that way).

  • Small size, huge sound
  • Pure Beryllium tweeter
  • Revelator 148mm (5 in) sliced cone driver
  • Non fatiguing, low distortion sound
  • Deep and satisfying bass
  • Easy to place and live with



Tiny Maxwell

The Maxwell story

The Maxwell speaker series is inspired by the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) who amongst other great achievements brought together the relationship of electricity, electromagnetism and light and formulated a series of equations to describe this. Electromagnetism is at the foundation of the modern loudspeaker, and Maxwell’s work plays a large part in the accomplishments of the Maxwell speaker series. Although his work on electromagnetism was published more than 150 years ago it has been proven time and time again to be absolutely flawless. The Maxwell series of speakers is all about getting every last detail absolutely right

Low frequency driver

The 5″ Scan-Speak Revelator is the unconquered king of deep, well controlled bass in a small enclosure. The un-coated version made for M8audio by Scan-Speak in Denmark has a more open and dynamic character than the coated paper cone Revelator driver. At 148 mm (nominal 5in) this driver is small enough to work in a very small enclosure, yet powerful with very high excursion capabilities ensuring tremendous bass that seems almost to defy the laws of physics. The uniquely sliced paper cone allows the cone breakup modes to be controlled resulting in beautiful midrange tonality.

The advanced Scan-Speak patented Symmetrical Drive motor design with large Ferrite magnet system, integrates to a rigid and aerodynamic die cast aluminum chassis. Low-loss linear suspension system with low damping rubber surround.

Beryllium high frequency driver

The pure beryllium diaphragm of our T104-A-BE tweeter is the perfect match for the dynamic and expressive midrange character of the Revelator midrange driver. The tweeter is equipped with a 29mm voice coil and extended wide surround. The large radiating surface area ensures the T104-A-BE maintains very low distortion even at high sound pressure levels.

The T104-A-BE has many similarities to the flagship T104BE used in the larger and more expensive Maxwell speakers. Highly optimized powerful motor with rear chamber coupling. Dual copper implants to minimize and linearize inductance. Low moving mass CCAW voice coil. Optimised cast aluminium structure.


The extended frequency response of the midrange driver, along with the exemplary tweeter ensures a wider than normal bandwidth for each driver, and therefore a very large overlap in usable frequency range in the crossover region. The crossover point at 2.6kHz is implemented with 4th order acoustic slopes with excellent phase alignment along a very wide band to ensure correct summation and result in beautiful midrange coherence and perfect power response.

Edge wound baked air core coils of exceptional quality along with superior polypropylene capacitors in the critical signal path play an important role in the overall performance of the Tiny Maxwell.

Cabinet construction

The 100% hand finished cabinet is made from cross laminated birch veneer sourced from our sustainable forestry suppliers in Europe. The beautiful precision CNC machined curvatures throughout the speakers surfaces, along with internal honeycomb bracing result in a very rigid cabinet.

The internal side walls of the cabinet have partially been hollowed with a honeycomb pattern, in which our unique viscoelastic dampening is applied to every honeycomb chamber. Our proprietary viscoelastic material is specifically engineered through modern molecular chemistry, to have exceptional dampening qualities throughout a very wide frequency spectrum. The internal cabinet geometry is designed to disperse reflections, eliminating standing waves effectively. 100% natural sheep’s wool is used as internal damping material. At more than six times the price of synthetic materials, it is very rarely seen in commercial loudspeakers regardless of price. The superior sound quality achieved with natural wool is unquestionable and that is why it is the material of choice for the Maxwell speakers.


A single rear firing flared port ensures deep and undistorted bass without port noise. For best imaging, it is recommended to place the speakers at least 0.5m from the rear and side walls. In larger rooms, it may be an advantage to move the speakers closer to the rear wall to help emphasize the bass via boundary reinforcement. In medium to small rooms, the Tiny Maxwell is capable of hefty bass reproduction without the need of boundary reinforcement.


Available standard finish is white side panels with clear coated birch end grain in a lush satin finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. All finish coatings are environmentally friendly with industry leading low emissions. Custom veneers and finishes are available on request.



Two-way bass reflex bookshelf/stand mount speaker

High frequency driver

29mm (1 1/8 in) ferrite motor pure beryllium dome [T104-A-BE]

Low frequency driver

148mm (5 in nominal) Sliced paper cone [W148-SS-4]

Frequency response

49Hz – 32kHz (±3dB)

Crossover frequency

2.6 kHz


84dB (2.83V/1m)

Nominal impedance

6 Ω (min 4.2 Ω @ 170 Hz)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

378 x 168 x 267 mm (14.9 x 6.6 x 10.5 in)

Net weight each

7 kg (15.4 lb)


Satin White

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