Sub One8


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Made to order. Normally ships within 6 weeks



One of a kind prototype subwoofer. The Sub One8 will not go into production which is why we’re selling this prototype at a vastly reduced price way below cost!

  • Dynamic and powerful 8 inch subwoofer
  • Musical sealed subwoofer
  • Easily integrates with any kind of speaker system
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Superior Class‑D Amplifier
  • Flexible connectivity



Sub One8

Impact, depth and scale

The Sub One8 produces bass that integrates beautifully for even the most critical music listening. A good subwoofer that is set up properly should never call attention to itself. The highly advanced 8 inch subwoofer driver produces deeper and cleaner bass than most comparable divers.  You will notice that your system will play significantly deeper than before with much improved authority.


The Sub One8 is equipped with an extended excursion 8 inch driver. This driver has been engineered with sound quality as the primary objective: Fast, impactful and refined. The soft, low loss rubber surround and spider contribute to more nuances get translated into sound rather than absorbed by harder, stiffer materials usually used in high excursion subwoofers. The much lower loss also means that we can listen to the subwoofer at very low levels, and it will still have the same sound signature and be more enjoyable compared to its rivals. The very large voice coil of the driver results in an extremely firm grip of the diaphragm movements, and much reduced compression at high volumes due to the increased power handling of the larger voice coil.


Our no‑nonsense 300W RMS continuous power Superior Class‑D Amplifier remains cool and unstressed even during extended high volume listening. The well designed auto on feature will turn on the subwoofer automatically when a signal is sensed on the input. Once the settings of the volume, crossover and phase have been dialed in, it is just a matter of enjoying your systems improved impact, depth and scale.

Cabinet construction

The curves of the sealed cabinet, along with extensive internal bracing makes the subwoofer extremely rigid and free of unwanted resonances, that would otherwise color the sound. Internal standing waves are avoided due to the internal curvatures of the subwoofer enclosure. This, in turn, means that only a small amount of damping material is needed to control the energy from the back of the speaker driver. Using natural sheep’s wool fibers in small quantities as a dampener results in a more natural and textured bass compared to the over damped “woof” of the usual square box subs on the market.



Active sealed box subwoofer system


234 mm (8 in) extended excursion

Frequency response

28-120Hz ±3 dB free field


300W RMS continuous power Superior Class-D


Gain, Line In low-pass filter (40-200Hz adjustable), Variable phase (0-180deg), Auto sense on/standby


Stereo Line In (2x RCA Phono), LFE Line In (1x RCA Phono), High Level In (Binding post), Line Out (2x RCA Phono)

Power requirements

Voltage selectable 100VAC-120VAC / 220VAC-240VAC ~50/60Hz

Dimensions (HxWxD)

315 x 305 x 312 mm

Net weight each

14.5 kg (32 lb)


Silky Oak

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