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SC-4 Silver Series Speaker Cable w/ T6s Banana Plugs

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Very low internal resistance cable with treble to die for and thunderous bass.

  • 2 x 8 mm² OFC copper conductors with combination of tin and silver plating
  • High quality all metal T6s banan plugs with 24K gold plated pins
  • Soft ultra-resistant PVC jacket
  • Durable outer polymer mesh sleeve
  • Made in Germany

SC-4 Silver Series Speaker Cable w/ T6s Banana Plugs

896 individual strands

ViaBlue SC-4 Silver Series loudspeaker cables have a combination of silvered braids optimised for the high frequency range and tinned OFC copper strands to allow unhindered current to the bass range. This cable lets the natural timbre of the music stand out without restricting detail or dynamics and presents a bass that is exceptionally powerful and seems endlessly deep.

Balanced sound

Each of the four 4 mm² leads are made up of seven multi-stranded bundles with a total of 896 individual conductors. Two of the four leads are silver plated OFC copper and the remaining two are tin plated OFC copper. This gives the high and low frequency content of the signals optimum conditions to reach the speakers without degradation in either extremes of the frequency spectrum. The exceptional thick cross section of 2 x 8 mm² makes the cable ideally suited for longer cable runs, or where absolute control of demanding speakers is required. The SC-4 cables are braided with the ViaBlue Cobra protective sleeve.



24K Gold-plated T6s Metal banana connectors


Silver plated / tin plated OFC copper 2 x 8 mm²


0.63uH / m

Cable diameter

12.5 mm

hifichoice_recommendedHi-Fi Choice

Neville Roberts

The violin solos are clear, while the full orchestral sections are dynamic and spacious. With a CD of Vivaldi’s Paris Concerto 11 by La Serenissima, the strings are smooth and the music has superb imaging with a very wide soundstage. The instruments are well positioned and the performance has great clarity and realism. The beautifully made SC-4 excels in delivering a refined sound across a wide range of music.

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s900 awardIMAEDIA

Camillo Pfeil

...the S S-900 Silver High-Speed ​​HDMI cable weighs an impressive 300g in the 2m version. Our cable by Panasonic weighs just 1/3. Despite its weight, the cable is still quite flexible and not as rigid as expected. So it can also be laid snuggly in a cable duct. However, with the beautiful optics of the cable, it would be a pity to hide it behind a channel. The HDMI connectors are also very high quality and solid, as one might expect from a good cable. Overall, the first visual impression of the cable is more than positive. Optics and craftmanship are first class. ...the picture has become noticeably more pleasant and brilliant... The ViaBlue S-900 Silver High-Speed HDMI Cable is a true masterpiece.

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