Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution

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A small and elegant speaker with unique realism and clarity. Every detail in the Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution has been designed in the pursuit of audio performance.

  • Amazingly dynamic
  • Huge and very deep sound stage
  • Fluid and natural midrange and treble with nerve and unbelievable detail
  • Exceptionally even dispersion
  • Very easy to place



Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution

A Clear Vision

We set out to create a beautiful small speaker, that was to set a new benchmark for what can be achieved with sub compact speakers. With a no compromise design approach, the Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution takes the small speaker to a whole new level. By only selecting the very best components and integrating each part with the perspective of ultimate clarity, we are very proud of the end result. We believe this speaker sets new standards for sound and performance from a very compact speaker, that is so easy to place and live with, and reproduces music so faithfully and passionately that it is difficult to resist.

Low frequency driver

The 5.1 SuperResolution uses the M8audio W132T-8 midwoofer.  This driver is a modified version of the top of the range 132mm (5 in) mid/bass driver from SB Acoustics. The Danish developed flagship SATORI line represents the pinnacle of modern dynamic driver design, and is truly among the very best mid/bass drivers ever made. The advanced low distortion neodymium motor integrates to a rigid and aerodynamically optimised cast aluminum chassis. The low damping rubber surround and advanced BIMAX spider maintain great linearity and very low damping, ensuring every musical detail is preserved, even at very low listening levels. Using a newly developed diaphragm made with Egyptian Papyrus fibers, result in a uniquely natural and pleasing sound signature, yet preserving the details and dynamics typically only found in hard cone materials.

High frequency driver

The remarkably extended frequency response and dispersion characteristics of the mid/bass driver allow us to hand over seamlessly to our T98ALMG 22mm (3/4 in) aluminium/magnesium dome tweeter made in Norway for M8audio. This driver combination is a match made in heaven. The smaller than usual dome with a very wide fabric surround, combine the advantages of great high frequency response and dispersion of a small tweeter, with low frequency characteristics of a large tweeter. The rigid and very light diaphragm with a weight of only 0.23 grams, allows for improved impulse response, making metal instruments and cymbals sound invigorating and true to life without any harshness.


Through extensive simulation and countless listening sessions, a crossover frequency of 2.7kHz is ideally suited to this driver combination. With 4th order acoustical slopes in the crossover region converging to higher order outside the blending region we are able to handover to the tweeter completely seamlessly with incredible realism in this critical region of the audio spectrum. The crossover is carefully designed to provide great time alignment between the drivers as well as a benign impedance for good amplifier compatibility. Only top shelf components are used throughout: Heavy duty low loss air core inductors. Metal oxide film resistors, and superior quality polypropylene capacitors from Jantzen Audio Denmark.

Cabinet construction

The 100% hand finished cabinet is made from cross laminated birch veneer sourced from our sustainable forestry suppliers in Europe. The precision CNC machined curvatures throughout the speakers surfaces, along with internal bracing result in a very rigid cabinet with good control of vibrations and resonances. To further eradicate vibrations the cabinet is equipped with two of our unique viscoelastic dampeners forming the internal spine of the cabinet. Our proprietary viscoelastic material is specifically engineered through modern molecular chemistry, to have exceptional dampening qualities throughout a very wide frequency spectrum. The internal cabinet geometry is designed to disperse reflections, eliminating standing waves effectively. This results in less coloration and with the use of natural wool as internal damping material the resulting sound is truly state of the art. The realism and clarity really needs to be experienced to be believed.

Available standard finishes are satin white, or the beautiful birds eye maple real wood veneer with a lush satin finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. All finish coatings are environmentally friendly with industry leading low emissions. Custom veneers and finishes are available on request.

The Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution has been designed specifically with a subwoofer in mind. To get the full engagement of the entire audio spectrum, the M8audio SUB OneTen has been co-developed alongside the Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution to perfectly match the sonic signature and is the accompaniment of choice for a musical setup of the highest caliber.



Two-way bass reflex bookshelf/stand mount speaker

High frequency driver

22mm (3/4 in) aluminium/magnesium dome [T98ALMG]

Low frequency driver

132mm (5 in) Egyptian papyrus cone, neodymium motor [W132T-8]

Frequency response

72Hz – 32kHz (±3dB)

Crossover frequency

2.7 kHz


83dB (2.83V/1m)

Nominal impedance

8 Ω (min 5.7 Ω @ 235 Hz)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

295 x 136 x 245 mm (11.6 x 5.3 x 9.6 in)

Net weight each

5 kg (11 lb)


Satin White, Bird's Eye Maple