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Made to order. Normally ships within 6 weeks

State of the Art Digital to Analogue Converter, Preamplifier with input select and Headphone Amplifier. Fully remote controlled.

  • True Differential Output-stage
  • Double CMR at each halve of the circuit
  • Differential in > Differential out
  • No inverters
  • Made in the Netherlands
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Tonal accuracy

The DAC212SE is probably the most intelligent digital pre-amp available today. Quite simply the perfect integration of audiophile technology and intelligent software.
The unique software lets you configure the DAC212SE to suit your needs and requirements, without degrading the audiophile performance.

Every effort has been made to keep the signal path short and a very compact circuit with only the most essential components to guarantee the best possible performance.
The DAC212SE uses a fully balanced internal architecture, and all the benefits of a balanced design including Common Mode Rejection (CMR) are fully utilized.

Audiophile Technology

A true differential design allows the opportunity to design the signal path as a tightly coupled pair. This implies that the two magnetic fields partly cancel each other out, which results in a lower inductance design. In turn, this contributes to lower distortion and a purer signal transmission.

True Balanced Design

There are several ways to achieve a balanced or differential output. The DAC212 incorporates a not very common true differential circuit combined with “Virtual Grounding and balanced interfacing” this results in a very clear signal, free from interferences and conveying the music in its purest way.
This requires very advanced 4-layer PCB design.
While only true balanced circuits are superior to single-ended designs, they are sparsely used (even in high-end audio) due to the extra amount of components.
In our balanced design we take this even further, as the entire output section is true differential. Thereby gaining double the CMNR benefits compared to regular true differential design. The effect is unsurpassed musical performance!

HD audio compatible

the DAC212 was designed to accept almost all high resolution standards of digital signal.
Regular PCM up to 192kHz via the SPDIF inputs, and 384kHz and DSD512 via USB.
It will easily connect to your Roon endpoint or any other digital source.

Audiophile Headphone output

The DAC212SE is fitted with a very powerful output stage that drives any headphone with ease. The low impedance output stage is capable of delivering an enormous amount of power. While maintaining absolutely stable under all conditions.
No additional headphone amplifier required!


Digital Inputs

XLR, RCA, HDMI, Optical, USB and BluTooth

Supported Samplerates

44.1-kHz > 96-kHz/24Bit S/PDIF 44.1kHz > 384kHz USB

Remote control

Aluminium Infrared remote functions: On/Off, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Input select

Power requirements


Dimensions with base/feet (HxWxD)

45 x 212 x 212 mm (1.8 x 8.4 x 8.4 in)

Net weight each

3 kg (6.6 lb)

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Richard Varey

...music sounded so natural and enjoyable that this component could easily be considered a resounding success in accomplishing the design aim of outstanding musicality and right tonality.

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the absolute sound logothe absolute sound

Dick Olsher

...I find the DiDit 212se to be enormously compelling musically, so much so, that it is currently my favorite DAC/pre.

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