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432 EVO Reference Music Server


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Reference music server, player and streamer with 432 Hz retune capability. Bit perfect mode or ultra high-end upsampling with 10 selectable and tweakable upsample filters. Also fully automated bit perfect CD ripping with the built-in high quality Teac rip drive.

  • 432 Hz post-processing enabled player
  • Roon Core (not just endpoint)
  • Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz streamer
  • 2 TB internal storage (4 TB Master model)
  • Bit perfect CD ripper



432 EVO Reference Music Server

Introducing the 432 EVO Reference Music Server

This line of music servers is tried and tested in world class systems and designed according to the most extreme audiophile standards for ultra low jitter and low noise. When the flagship Master model was introduced at Munich High End 2017, it immediately won best of show from both AV Showrooms and Hifi Pig.

The 432 EVO range comprises servers with true audiophile USB output: The Standard, followed by the High-End and the cost no object Master. All models are all full Roon compatible and can also run the latest Logitech Media Server. This combined with the unique 432 Hz retune feature, plus the ability to play in upsample only, or bit perfect mode makes this line of servers an unbeatable solution. All support several streaming platforms such as Qobuz, Tidal and Spotify as well as internet radio.

432 Hz tuning

432 Hz is one of the ways to tune musical instruments, and is also known as the Tuning Note “A” and A = 432. Music tuned to 432 Hz sounds better than contemporary music which is tuned at A = 440. The famous Stradivarius for example was tuned to 432 Hz according to the Verdi tuning.

Historically, various standards have been used to fix the pitch of notes at certain frequencies. The history of pitch tuning goes back over 300 years and has changed over the centuries – from as low as 400 to 450+Hz for setting the frequency of the note A.

An instrument (or today a tone generator), is used as a reference point to set pitch – to which all other instruments are tuned for musical scale.

Until the 19th century, there was no coordinated effort to standardise musical pitch and the levels across Europe varied widely. Pitch did not just vary from place to place, or over time – pitch levels could vary even within the same city.

Prior to 1711 this was achieved purely by ear but this is when tuning forks were introduced. But they too varied. For example, a tuning fork associated with Handel dating from 1740 is pitched at A = 422.5Hz, while a later one from 1780 is pitched at A =409Hz. Around 1800 Beethoven used one pitched at 455.5Hz.

Pitch tuning still varies today for orchestras around the world. Rock and contemporary musicians are also renowned for re-tuning their instruments – such as Jimi Hendrix and Joni Mitchell’s ‘crazy chords’.

Convert to 432 Hz on the fly
The 432 EVO offer you the possibility to convert your existing music on the fly into the better sounding 432 Hz, without any resolution loss. Several best of show awards we have won are the ultimate proof, and recent research by Maria Renold and a group of 2000 people showed that 90% preferred 432 Hz.

For purists we still offer bit perfect mode on par with the best CD transports, or upsample only mode for those who want to tune the sound. All these modes are live switchable.

bass guitar

Roon & Logitech Media Server

Switchable in under ten seconds between either Roon or Logitech Media server.

Pre-installed with full Roon Core (not just endpoint). This is fast becoming the preferred music management and listening solution and by many is regarded as the defacto standard of which all others are measured against. A separate Roon license is required.

Did you know?

A common misunderstanding about the 432 EVO, is that the EVO is a Roonready player. It’s not. It’s a full Roon server (the Core) connected to our 432 Hz enabled player, on a single machine: your 432 EVO. So the 432 EVO is both Roon server, and a player, and the Core can also serve any other Roon ready and logitech device like squeezeboxes, using one single Roon app. Any Roonready endpoint can be served from the 432 EVO.

Logitech Media Server
With two decades of software improvements the built in Logitech Media Server is one of the most stable and expandable platforms available and is supported by the 432 EVO.

There is a wealth of control options using Apple or Android such as the control Apps iPeng and SqueezePad, or the Logitech Media Server web interface.