The launch of M8audio marks the arrival of uncompromising high-performance speakers; loudspeakers that bring the emotion of a live performance right into your living room.

Great speakers need not be ugly and mostly square. Only the best and most advanced technology and materials have gone into developing our products. We do what it takes to make the most outstanding hand made speakers possible, with beautiful aesthetics and state of the art sound.

At M8audio we are audiophile speaker specialists, committed to bringing uncompromised musical emotion to more people. From our factory direct to you.

Introducing the Sweet Maxwell

The Maxwell speaker series is inspired by the physicist James Clerk Maxwell best known for his important work on the relationship of electricity, electromagnetism and light. Although his work on electromagnetism was published more than 150 years ago it has been proven time and time again to be absolutely flawless. The Maxwell series of speakers is all about getting every last detail absolutely right.

The Sweet Maxwell brings together an impressive portfolio of technologies unheard-of at its price point. A honeycomb braced enclosure fully damped with our viscoelastic dampeners and decoupling feet. Pure beryllium tweeter, Egyptian papyrus cone, neodymium motor, no compromise crossover with Alumen-Z capacitors.

Beryllium high frequency driver

The pure beryllium diaphragm of our T104BE tweeter sustains near pistonic behavior past 40kHz ensuring the most natural and purest reproduction of the source materials high frequency content. With a 29mm voice coil and extended wide surround, the large radiating surface area ensures the T104BE also handles the lower treble with poise and maintains very low distortion even at high sound pressure levels.

The T104BE has been engineered with the latest technology in modern dynamic driver design:  High saturation neodymium motor with shallow flow magnet design to optimise rear chamber coupling. Dual copper implants to minimize and linearize inductance. Dual balanced compression chambers. Low moving mass CCAW voice coil. Optimised cast aluminium structure. Integrated mechanical decoupling.

High power neodymium low frequency driver

Developed to push the boundaries of what can be achieved from a two way design, our W187‑4 Egyptian papyrus cone, neodymium motor driver delivers undistorted clean and impactful bass. At 187 mm (7½ in) this driver is substantially larger than the norm for a two way design, and contributes to the very satisfying bass, while still achieving superior midrange resolution and presence.

The advanced low distortion neodymium motor integrates to a rigid and aerodynamically optimised cast aluminum chassis. The low damping rubber surround and advanced BIMAX spider maintain great linearity and very low damping, ensuring every musical detail is preserved, even at very low listening levels. Using a newly developed diaphragm made with Egyptian Papyrus fibers, resulting in a uniquely natural and pleasing sound signature, yet preserving the details and dynamics typically only found in hard cone materials.


Edge wound baked air core coils of exceptional quality along with superior polypropylene capacitors throughout play an important role in the overall performance of the Sweet Maxwell.

For the high frequency section we incorporated the all new Alumen-Z capacitors for their phenomenal transparency combined with an unusual fatigue free ease of listening that is quite unique to this high performance capacitor.

Cabinet construction

The beautiful precision CNC machined curvatures throughout the speaker’s surfaces, along with internal honeycomb bracing result in a very rigid cabinet. Three of our unique viscoelastic dampeners keep cabinet vibrations in control. Our proprietary viscoelastic material is specifically engineered through modern molecular chemistry, to have exceptional dampening qualities throughout a very wide frequency spectrum. The internal cabinet geometry is designed to disperse reflections, eliminating standing waves effectively. 100% natural sheep’s wool is used as internal damping material. At more than six times the price of synthetic materials, it is very rarely seen in commercial loudspeakers regardless of price. The superior sound quality achieved with natural wool is unquestionable and that is why it is the material of choice for the Maxwell speakers. Dual rear firing ports with large flares ensure deep and undistorted bass without port noise even at high listening levels.

Decoupling feet

Our advanced polymer viscoelastic feet effectively isolates the speaker from its environment and lets it perform like it was designed with less influence from the substrate it is placed upon. This decoupling technique greatly increases accuracy and imaging by lowering the noise floor.  Also, a cleaner and deeper bass is maintained through a large variety of listening environments.

Announcing the Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution

A small and elegant speaker with unique realism and clarity. Every detail in the Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution has been designed in the pursuit of audio performance.

Rocket 5.1

We set out to create a beautiful small speaker, that was to set a new benchmark for what can be achieved with sub compact speakers. With a no compromise design approach, the Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution takes the small speaker to a whole new level. By only selecting the very best components and integrating each part with the perspective of ultimate clarity, we are very proud of the end result. We believe this speaker sets new standards for sound and performance from a very compact speaker, that is so easy to place and live with, and reproduces music so faithfully and passionately that it is difficult to resist.

The Sub OneTen: Musical, dynamic and powerful

Our sealed box 10 inch active subwoofer has been co-developed alongside the Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution to beautifully integrate and complement each other. A good subwoofer that is set up properly should never call attention to itself. The low moving mass of the Sub OneTen results in a faster and more musical bass than any other sealed cabinet subwoofer we have compared it to.  You will notice that your system will play significantly deeper than before, and the sound will be very clean, accurate and musical with much improved authority.

Sub OneTen

Primary objective: Fast, impactful and refined.

The Sub OneTen is equipped with our 10 inch driver: SW290-6. This driver has been engineered with sound quality as the primary objective: Fast, impactful and refined. By looking at the construction and material choices of this driver it becomes clear why it is superior: Soft, low loss rubber surround and spider contribute to more nuances get translated into sound rather than absorbed by harder, stiffer materials usually used in high excursion subwoofers. The much lower loss also means that we can listen to the subwoofer at very low levels, and it will still have the same sound signature and be more enjoyable compared to its rivals. A four layer three inch copper voice coil is almost unheard of in a 10 inch driver. This very large voice coil results in an extremely firm grip of the diaphragm movements, and much reduced compression at high volumes due to the increased power handling of the larger voice coil

For uncompromised transient response, the Sub OneTen is a sealed box subwoofer and is equipped with our no‑nonsense 300W RMS continuous power Superior Class‑D Amplifier, which remains cool and unstressed even during extended high volume listening.

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